Concern for the World in Which We Live

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An unknown source stated in a book printed in 1960, “If the world is ever again to get on its feet, the church will have to get on its knees.” I believe this statement was true back then and I know it is needed today!

The United States has changed a lot in those sixty-one years, and it has not all been for the better. In 1960, I was a sophomore in high school. We didn’t have computers, cell phones, flat screen color televisions, microwave ovens, electric cars and a lot of the conveniences we have today.

1960 was the first year for direct dialing on phones (rotary dialing), 911 emergency set up, zip codes for mailing, Sharpie pen, and the introduction of aspartame.

A lot has happened since 1960 – some good, some bad.

Please pray for the world, and the United States!

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