Stating the Christian’s Position

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One of the main articles in the current Sword of the Lord (available in the foyer) states that there is a “Last Day’s War” within the churches. No one wants to express a position which would appear to be against other churches.

The Truth is based on the Word of God. What churches stood for in the past should be the same things we emphasize today. We are living in challenging times: days of apostasy, watered-down preaching, social issues, and entertainment. Staying with the Bible in these “last days” before the Lord’s return is so imperative!

Right now churches are having to choose where they stand on abortion, the homosexual lifestyle, and more. The Bible clearly indicates where someone who stands on God’s Word will stand on these issues.

If the whole world changes, we must remain faithful to God’s Holy Word. Pray for the ongoing Spiritual battle of today!

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