True Joy is a Direct Result of our Faith

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The world places so much emphasis on the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is in things or events in our lives. Instead of seeking happiness, the believer should be seeking joy. True Christian joy is a product of a right heart relationship with Jesus Christ. Joy does not depend upon external circumstances; it is the result of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. True inner joy is a state of mind and cannot be found in a geographical location, in a possession, or in a human. Some people think if they lived in a place with a better climate, atmosphere, and scenery, they would be happy. Some think if they owned the latest technological gadgets they’d truly be happy. These thoughts are deceptive, and they distract us from the true source of joy – the Lord Jesus Christ! Joy is dependent on being where God wants you to be and doing what God wants you to do as led by the Holy Spirit. Strong faith produces lasting joy / happiness! Seek the Spirit’s leadership and find your faith in the Lord to be sufficient for true joy!

(Excerpts from the book, “10 Principles for Biblical Living” by Don Sisk)

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