Light of Preaching

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“A young preacher having trouble in his congregation came to me about it. I told him about my experience when I was a boy. When I would go to the barn at night to feed the horse or cow, I would light a lantern and carry it with me. When I would open the barn door and step in, two things would happen. The rats would scurry and run for cover, and the birds which were roosting on the rafters would begin to sing. Light had those two very different effects. And when the Word of God is preached, you will see the rats run for cover and the birds begin to sing.”

–J. Vernon McGee

It was said of Paul, everywhere he preached there would either be a revival or a revolt and sometimes both occurred. In this day that we are living, a refreshing light from God’s Word brings calm and cheer to the saint’s soul! May we all be encouraged whenever we gather together around the Word!

The Bible sure throws a lot of light on life!

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