Communion – A Time to Cherish

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The Lord’s Supper, or communion, is a time designated by the Scriptures as a “time of remembrance” as directed by the Lord Himself. Of course, we are to reflect upon what the Lord has done for us in that He … Continued

A funny

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PATIENT: Are you sure I’ll get well? I’ve heard that doctors sometimes treat people for the wrong disease. There was a man who was being treated for pneumonia, for example, and he died of typhoid fever. DOCTOR: When I treat … Continued


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In the Westminster Abbey, a monument to Lord Lawrence has inscribed on it his name, his date of death, and these words: “He feared man so little because he feared God so much!” We pray to God our Father for … Continued

Waiting for the trump of God

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The next thing on God’s prophetic calendar is the “rapture of the church.” It is the time when the Lord Himself returns in the clouds for His children. Every saved person will be caught up to be with the Lord, … Continued

Quote of the Week

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A holy life has a voice. It speaks when the tongue is silent, and is either a constant attraction or a perpetual reproof. –Hinton